Northern Block Announces Strategic Partnership with Evernym

Northern Block announces partnership to commercialize self-sovereign identity solutions with creator of of Hyperledger Indy

Northern Block is pleased to announce a partnership with Evernym, a true leader and pioneer in the self-sovereign identity (SSI) space. Evernym has designed industry-leading technology and standards and Northern Block will work alongside various industry partners to implement specific use cases into production.

What is SSI? Self-sovereign identity is the concept of allowing individuals or organizations to have sole ownership of their digital and analog identities, and control over how their personal data is shared and used. This adds a layer of security and flexibility allowing the identity holder to only reveal the necessary data for any given transaction or interaction. Since identity is such a central part of society, we need to ensure that user control will be the primary foundation SSI will be built upon.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside the top thought leaders in the SSI space. SSI requires education and a mindset shift — from corporations to consumers. As we solve many problems to do with data privacy, usage and control, partnerships with industry leaders is required to unlock this new paradigm.

Mathieu Glaude, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Block

Evernym was founded in 2013 to solve the digital identity crisis; envisioning a world where consumers are in complete control of their digital identity, where privacy is a basic human right, and where consumers and organizations can foster a new relationship rooted in trust. Evernym ideated a solution that would add a much-needed layer of trust to the Internet, self-sovereign identity (SSI).

We’re happy to be partnered with Northern Block, a leader in deploying blockchain systems to production. Achieving mainstream adoption of SSI isn’t a job for one team — a community of strong contributors is needed, and we’re excited to see Northern Block emerge as a unifying force in Canada’s already strong SSI community. We’re looking forward to working with them closely to put control of personal data back into the hands of its holders.

Nick Ris, VP Sales & Marketing, Evernym

About Northern Block, Inc. — Northern Block is a blockchain consulting and venture creation firm. We create elegant, production-grade software using cutting-edge blockchain technology. We enable the creation of disruptive business models and user-centric applications that achieve trust through open, transparent and fair systems. To learn more, visit

About Evernym — A market leader in Self-Sovereign Identity, Evernym develops software and applications to help organisations around the world build trusted digital relationships. Evernym is the original creator of Hyperledger Indy, the Sovrin Network and the Sovrin Foundation. The company was founded in 2013 and is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. To learn more, visit

Empowering mass adoption of decentralized and trusted digital identities.

Empowering mass adoption of decentralized and trusted digital identities.