Today, Northern Block and 28 other founding member organizations launched the Trust over IP Foundation, a new project hosted by the Linux Foundation to enable the trustworthy exchange and verification of data between any two parties on the Internet.

The ToIP Foundation’s mission is to provide a robust, common standard that gives people and businesses the confidence that data is coming from a trusted source, allowing them to connect, interact, and innovate at a speed and scale not possible today.

The ToIP Foundation is being developed with global, pan-industry support from leading organizations with sector-specific expertise. Key contributors include Accenture…

Northern Block to contribute towards making self-sovereign identity successful in Canada

Toronto, February 10, 2020

Today, we’re excited to announce joining the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), a not-for-profit with a mission to secure Canada’s full and beneficial global digital economy participation by delivering a digital identity and authentication interoperability framework.

Northern Block (NB) has ongoing projects that use digital identities. The company’s work has evolved to what we are actively building today, a real-life application that implements self-sovereign identity (SSI), the first real commercialized application which is going to production in May of this year.

The purpose of this article is to examine why we think the Canadian Government will win if they create trustworthy digital identities

Why is trustworthy digital identity critical?

Creating trusted ways of managing identities is just as important in existing markets as it is in emerging ones. With everything in people’s lives gone or going digital, it’s important that standards and mechanisms be put in place to empower people, organizations and things.

For people, owning your digital identity empowers you to be in the driver’s seat for who accesses and controls your information. For organizations, trustworthy identities can significantly lower operating costs and facilitate global growth. For things, we can have assurance that our devices don’t spy on us and aren’t subject to misaligned incentives.

Overall, trusted digital…

We are excited to release our report Empowering Consumer Brands through Supply Chain Transparency! A must-read for anyone looking to leverage blockchain for brand enhancement. Below is a brief preview. Subscribe today to receive your full copy!

Taking action on your supply chain opportunities

In a globalized, fragmented and competitive business environment, consumer brands are under greater pressure than ever before to demonstrate supply chain transparency.

Blockchain has become one of the most hyped technologies since the Internet. It is also one of the most misunderstood. Like with any new major technological advancement, there’s typically an early flow of speculative capital to enter the space. ‘Blockchain’ is not an exception, having definitely driven its fair share of capital into new and existing companies. However today most blockchain projects have failed to deliver on their roadmaps and promises, leaving investors and businesses questioning whether the technology is here to stay or they were victims of a fad.

So, what is blockchain technology? Most people have difficulties understanding…

Companies need open and immutable provenance documentation for EVERY product

Ever wonder if that purse you bought from a consignment store is a real Louis Vuitton? Looking at the branding on the product gives you some idea but how can you really be certain that it’s not just a good replica? In this day and age, where one unwelcome revelation can go viral to destroy your brand, isn’t it worth having some insurance?

The consumers’ perception of counterfeit products have a negative effect on the consumer perception of luxury brands. Both the consumer’s brand associations and how consumers perceive the quality of luxury brands are affected by counterfeit products.

This research article provides insight into the areas of opportunity for blockchain investment and product building

Although this article states our opinion on the blockchain space, none of this should be perceived as investment advice. We urge readers to do their own research.

2019, the right time to start a blockchain project; not yet time to get back into the crypto market

The origins of Blockchain have taken on a certain mystique ever since the original bitcoin white paper, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to Peer Electronic Cash System” was published by the ever ambiguous Satoshi Nakamoto. Viewed by many as an innovative solution to “the double-spend problem” that plagued multi-site databases, Bitcoin looked to be the first viable way to solve that problem using a decentralized approach.

Fast forward to 2017 and outside from Bitcoin and Ethereum…

Northern Block

Empowering mass adoption of decentralized and trusted digital identities.

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